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Our Pilates and Osteopathy center is located in Leganés, Madrid.
Please find below our services portfolio and how to contact us.

Our staff will attend you in English.

Contact Numbers:

Fixed Number:    912272961
Mobile Number:  600797237

Plaza Alcalde José Manuel Matheo de Luaces 2
28914 Leganes - Madrid

Services Portfolio:
• Osteopathy       
• Medical Rehabilitation
• Trainer Personal
• Sport Massage
• Stretching  
• Pilates Matwork
• Pilates with Cadillac, Reformer and Chair
• Pilates for pregnants
• Pilates post pregnancy
• Pilates with your baby

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de Gimnasia.
Pilates Matwork. Pilates Medical Rehabilitation. Pilates Studio by
Federación Madrileña de Gimnasia.

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